Off  the  Scale  is  a  not  for  profit mobile converted 80's vintage bus,  we aim  to  utilise  fashion and  music  to raise  awareness  of the  unfair  and  damaging  stigmas  around  depression.

The Idea

Off the Scale was started in 2015 by husband and wife team Eddie and Gail OCallaghan. After a long history in vintage fashion shops and music promotion we decided to try and utilise our shared passions to help raise awareness of the stigmas around depression.I have long ago been diagnosed as bipolar but the stigmas around the condition meant that i had no way of recognising or treating it until my mid 30s and we are keen to help young people address the subject openly. 

The bus is based in Birmingham trains and employs young people with experience of the condition and together with Big Issue Invest and Time to Change a national depression awareness charity we will be taking the bus to University Campuses, events and festivals all over the West Midlands and beyond..

If you want to see where we are headed next check the events page.